The subtle war of Philadelphia

Bleak sunlight and opaque shadows fall across the landscape of Philadelphia. In this city of millions, rumors travel and die away, unexplainable events are disregarded and forgotten, and missing peoples cases go cold and permanently unresolved. It’s a city of incredible inequality, of corporate giants and street violence, abandoned factories and gated communities. But there are darker, nebulous things that prowl the shadows, stalking prey and evading predators in a perpetual conflict.

Only the most driven occultist would know the truth of Philadelphia’s masters and slaves. Only someone touched by the shadow world could say that the First Estate Property Association is just a front for a powerful covenant of vampires. Or that the reality-bending sorcerers at Radio 34 Media Enterprises could be broadcasting more than just liberal bias. Injuries and random deaths in the old Industrial district are never connected with feral werewolves. Few would suspect that the spoiled socialite and the Catholic Deacon stain their hands with the blood of nightmarish creatures. Or that the giggling lunatics riding the Blue Line and singing some strange dirge are living illusions engaged in some grand revel.

War has come to the shadow world of Philadelphia. The Valencia Bloodline have started their crusade against the legions of vampires and their thralls, evidenced by the trail of burned over buildings. A bar in Nightlife burns down, strange murders occur near the public library, a ‘radical anarchist’ attacks Charlie Kelly Tower… they will not stop until they have cleaned the infestation or lay dead. The time for consultation and attempted masterstrokes is over, this is now a game of attrition.


The Philadelphia Crusade

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