The Philadelphia Crusade

April 3rd

Shit got real

The party went to the Yepidhikov, Vitaly estate to gather information on Yepidhikova, Petra. While there the party discovered that Petra is trying to solve a problem in a Church in Philadelphia, a problem regarding spirits. Petra has tried to enlist the help of a Werewolf by the name of Winnow, he bluntly turned her down citing the hunting and slaughtering of his pack by Petra and her ‘Friends’. Petra has also expressed interest in joining a Hunter faction within the Catholic church and resolving the problem of the wayward spirit would fast track her to a ‘witch hunter’. The party had the opportunity to steal money and jewelry but decided that it was in their best interest to leave no trace of their after hours visit.

The party then decided to finish the vampires in the mansion that Gould, Gideon wanted gone. The encounter started easily enough with the quick dispatching of two bloodsuckers in the basement of the house that were feeding on a woman. The commotion in the basement alerted the vampires upstairs to our presence. On reaching the kitchen, two vampires busted out the backdoor and ran out into the night while one vampire stayed to blow up the house with a flaming barrel of pitch and various explosive elements. Charles ran after one of the vampires while Saint ran after the other one, Persephone stayed to deal with the fire friendly vampire.

Saint shadow stepped across rooftops, down hills, and towards his target. Upon reaching the fleeing vampire Saint was hit with a powerful dread power and his mind couldn’t take the sheer terror and the vampire managed to escape.

The vampire Charles chased after ran into a vehicle and sped off, not before Charles caught up to the car and climbed in through a back window that was left down. In the car the vampire tried to punch Charles but was unsuccessful. Charles shot the steering wheel of the car, causing the car to careen off of a bridge and sink into the river. Luckily a piece of the car splintered off and stabbed into the vampire, ashing it immediately. Unluckily the impact of the crash caused Charles to become unconscious and he barely made it out of the car before drowning.

Persephone managed to use her magic to quell the flames and throughly irritate the vampire she was left to deal with. Persephone used her abilities to transmute her familiar into a wolverine and attack the vampire; they traded blows, knife strikes, and magic but the fight became more fevered as it wore on and Persephone decided to go all out and blow up the vampire with one of her abilities. Luckily, Persephone was able to stop the chemicals from exploding and destroying the house, only destroying the vampire she was fighting as well as her familiar.

The party then reconvened and took the woman they found in the basement to a hospital. They ended their harrowing experience at their safehouse in Synergy.

The fallout from not killing all the vampires in the mansion is unknown.



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