Ambrose, Archer

Vampire. First Estate.


Attractive 30 year old vampire, with well groomed blonde hair, often in a white suit, beige dress shirt and white tie combination. Speaks with an educated vocabulary.


Archer Ambrose arrived in Philadelphia in the winter of 2010, escaping the holy crusade of the Valencias on his former home of Pittsburgh. Though a mid-ranking Ventrue in Pittsburgh, upon arriving in Philadelphia, he had no sponsor and thus, no rights. A few years before, the First Estate had lost the use of the Tunnels as a territory to the strange Miss Nyx and her Black Blossom Court. With a sudden influx of refugees, the First Estate sent most of them to the Tunnels to take back their territory to earn sponsorship and a place in Philadelphia Kindred society. But Miss Nyx wasn’t prepared to let go of the Tunnels just yet.

Most of the vampires found themselves lost, wandering around the Tunnels for weeks. Hunger would turn these newly formed coteries against one another, often murdering each other and finally stumbling out with nothing to show for their efforts but blood on their hands. Some would find themselves falling victim to hunters such as Mesmer, who for some odd reason, almost felt as if the Tunnels themselves had led her to easy prey. But the rare few who had an odd or interesting look to them might wind up at the Playground. Archer Ambrose and his coterie were one such group. Ambrose had nothing to deal with in order to accomplish his task, and his coterie were more confident in their ability to destroy the Black Blossom Court by force.

They wound up lost as well, but in a much worse part of the Tunnels than most Kindred, as Nyx cast them into the Dead Line. There they dealt with strange horrors that seemed to materialize out of nothing, and graffiti whose prolonged exposure and reading caused severe headaches and hallucinations. There his coterie dwindled to a scant few until he came upon a group of humans and Sin-Eaters who offered him a way out of the Dead Line and back to an uncertain future above ground.

Fulfilling his part of the offer, the group led him out and he proceeded to take them to St. Finian’s Pub. His ability to survive and his intel on Miss Nyx was enough to convince John Dennison to sponsor him, and he now had a place in Kindred society. As a part of the deal with the group, he was able to convince Dennison to Embrace a girl found in the Dead Line, Paige Saunders.

In the years since, Ambrose has climbed through First Estate ranks as befits a vampire of his age and skill. After some trouble with the management at Electricity, Dennison trusted him to establish him as a vice in the First Estate, and gave him Electricity as territory. Ambrose has secured its position as the most important feeding ground in Philadelphia, and has established a strong sense of order. He is known to have a knack for politics and a desire for order in all things.

Opinions on Ambrose – Most elder members of the First Estate are both impressed and frustrated with Ambrose’s rise, he is a stranger to Philadelphia and yet has climbed to status equal to his previous city in a mere two years. At the same time, his ability to handle situations and build relationships among former First Estate rivals has won him respect. Fledglings on the other hand, feel Ambrose is an officious prick, whose main tool in social climbing is to separate himself from them, widening the gap between an already brutal social ladder.

Ambrose, Archer

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