Real Name: Amanda. Loyalists of Thule.


Cloves is a blonde woman in her late 20s, wearing dark blouses and a puffy fur-lined coat. She has a relatively raspy voice, and is rarely seen not smoking clove cigarettes.


Cloves got her start in 2005 while a psychology student at the University of Syracuse. With her friends Prague and Soph, they made a number of mysterious finds, but were ignored by authorities upon reporting them. It didn’t fall completely through the cracks, however, as Curio found their research and immediately snapped them up, sending Zusha to protect them from any physical harm that may befall them.

They studied many phenomena in the New York region, and handled various reports and duties for Curio, until a recent rash of events changed Cloves’ life. In 2010, a botched mission apprehending a slasher known as Bloody Miri led to the violent death of her friend Soph. A year later, after an investigation on a supposed haunting at a Pennsylvanian jail, Prague and her boyfriend, recent Loyalist recruit Leet, disappeared without a trace. In 2012, Cloves and Zusha were brought into Philadelphia and given different assignments, splitting her off from her last close companion.

Cloves can be found in the paranormal or occult sections of the Pennsylvania State Library, sequestered deep enough away that no one notices her smoking in a government establishment.


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