Courvier, Cecilie

Vampire. First Estate.


Cecilie Courvier appears as a young white woman just over 20, very thin, heavily done up and with blonde hair cut into short pigtails or a pixie cut. She speaks with a French accent and dresses extremely provocatively.


Cecilie Courvier is both a constant star of and secretly the true authority behind the Red Horse Hotel, Philadelphia’s most infamous sex club. She is extremely playful and flirtatious, and it’s not clear how much of it is a put-on. Cecilie’s strength and merit as a vice doesn’t come from skills with money, violence or politics, but her ability to attract incredible amounts of willing vessels and agents for the First Estate and Camarilla at large. It’s rumored that at least a quarter of all the Camarilla’s active ghouls originated with her, and even more return blood dolls.

History – Cecilie Courvier was known as Sissy Starr up to four years ago, when Sissy had a career change and a new participant named Cecilie showed up in the sex show. She believes the French aspect has attracted a whole new audience tired of the ‘bad girl’ shtick she played before. She has commented on how annoying blonde hair dye is.

Courvier, Cecilie

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