Cuomo, Gabriella

Alias: "Melinoe" "Cthonoe". No Affiliations.


Gabriella Cuomo is a raven haired woman in her early 40s. She dresses in conservative blouse-and-skirt combos. She wears circular glasses and prefers hoop earrings.


Gabriella Cuomo is a semi-retired Philadelphia hunter. With a college education and strong work ethic, she most likely served in research and investigation roles with her cells and compacts. Roughly ten years ago, she retired, dropping her shadow names and attempting a return to regular society. While she ignores the world of darkness as much as possible, and luckily it has mostly ignored her, she has assisted in more scholarly pursuits, providing intelligence gathering for active hunters for payment.

Gabriella survived the burning of Synergy, one of few who did.

Philadelphia Experience – Gabriella began as a Loyalist, being moved from her point of origin to Philadelphia some time in the early 90s, assuming the name Melinoe (roughly “Dark Thought” in Greek). After a period with them, it’s said she moved on to the Aegis Kai Doru under the name Cthonoe (roughly “Underground Mind”). It’s said she retired from active duty in 2003.

Cuomo, Gabriella

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