Dennison, John

Vampire. First Estate Primogen.


John Dennison appears in his middle 30s, a lanky, tanned man with unkempt dishwater brown hair, wearing a worn double breasted suit most nights. He has a drunken, wild look on ocassions, though more often seems in a lazy, lethargic stupor.


John Dennison claims to have arrived in America from Ireland before the American Revolution, making him over 250 years old and one of the oldest residents of the city. He is a Primogen in Kindred society, and holds allegiance to the ruling faction, the First Estate. He seems to have little interest in politics, but when prompted, has considerable influence. He has few desires other than peace and quiet, and as such, supports long-time Prince Sarah Haversham over any contender.

John can be found at St. Finian’s, his personal haunt owned by his mortal blood thrall and significant other Marie McLanahan. He is responsible for the entire Nightlife district, but delegates each club to lieutenants.

Opinions on Dennison – Dennison is widely respected for his age, power and knowledge of Nightlife and Philadelphia in general. Various rumors and legends say that he knows every alley and sewer path in Philadelphia, and his personal management philosophy, very hands off until someone goes too far, has won him many allies and followers in the community. At the same time, his lackadaisical manner also appears weak to many others, with a good portion believing Nightlife succeeds in spite of him, and that a more ruthless hand at the wheel would better feed the First Estate.

Power Within First Estate – There is a clear hierarchy that is put across by the First Estate; Sarah Haversham at the top, Gideon Gould her close second, and John Dennison backing up their power. In truth, if it came down to taking sides, Dennison’s standing allies equal Sarah and Gould’s and his popularity among those undecided or without firm allegiance would push him over. The rough idea is that Dennison probably holds 25-30% of the city’s vampires, with Sarah and Gideon having roughly 20-25% each, Branko with 10-15% and Eric Morland with the remaining 5-10%.

Dennison, John

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