Mage. Consilium Hierarch.


Desideratum is a dowdy woman with wavy dark brown hair, appearing in her late 30s or early 40s. Slightly overweight, and dressed in conservative clothing more befitting a librarian than a major factional leader, Desideratum also has a habit of chewing her nails when deep in thought. Her voice is usually quiet and somewhat halting, though contains a hint of steel when pushed.


With the increased factionalism in Philadelphia, she is truly only the leader of the Consilium, a closely functioning alliance between the Adamantine Arrow, Vincentius’ Guardians of the Veil and her Silver Ladder. This can be traced back to a series of violent arguments between Desideratum and Free Council leader Garland several years back, culminating with Desideratum expelling him and any who remained with the Council.

Desideratum was briefly Acanthus Archmage before winning the position of Hierarch. Since becoming Hierarch she has focused her efforts in improving the Consilium’s training and rote libraries. Proper instruction of apprentices is no longer left to the mentor’s whims, but enforced by Desideratum through a series of guidelines. While there is no official punishment for failing to meet these instructions, it’s well known that doing so will exclude the mage in question from the incentives and opportunities for advancement the Hierarch can offer. Her other main objective she has accomplished is the merging of Arrow and Ladder libraries, sharing rotes between them. While some Guardian rotes have been offered, the Guardians have been less forthcoming.

Politics – Desideratum prides herself as being the responsible, reasonable authority figure for the city, understanding how the mage societies are prone to extremism. In truth, this attitude is demanded of her to remain in her position. She won the title of Hierarch primarily because of the dislike garnered by the ruthless Vincentius, many of the ranking mages and archmages welcomed anyone who opposed him, regardless if they lacked his superior magical talent. Desideratum is not seen as the strongest option, but merely an acceptable alternative.


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