Dimitrakos, Branko

Vampire. Carthian.


Branko Dimitrakos is a tall, thin pale man appearing in his late 30s. He has straight black eyebrows, dark cropped hair, and wears long, expensive appearing, high collared dress coats that accentuate his height and narrow frame even further. His speaking manner varies sharply from one conversation to the next, from soft and eloquent to forceful and direct, though often obfuscatory and elusive in all cases.


March 30th – Branko Dimitrakos and his bodyguard Soryu approach the new club Synergy, in order to investigate. At the door he reveals that he is not First Estate, but that he ‘represents alternatives to the First Estate’. He also mentioned that he arrived in Philadelphia recently, emigrating from Pittsburgh in 2010. He was allowed entry.

Vampire – Branko Dimitrakos is the Mekhet Primogen in Philadelphia, one of the oldest and most powerful of his clan. Despite being opposed to the dominant First Estate political faction, he is still a part of their larger society, and an important one. Their ‘Traditions’ enforce that his role as Primogen is first to all Kindred in the Camarilla, and makes him an ally of Sarah Haversham as anyone else, he is still free to rival her politically. If the Camarilla were a country, the First Estate and Carthians would be its political parties.

Pittsburgh – Archer Ambrose revealed that for all his current talk of social change and ‘creating alternatives’, in Pittsburgh he was the ranking Hound, and treated it like any secret police would. Ambrose revealed that Innocent, the Prince of Pittsburgh, gave him large amounts of operational freedom, which often meant savage beatings in all cases and execution without trial in a few. At the same time, Branko earned his status in Philadelphia through some extremely shrewd and fast plays. Before most Pittsburgh vampires could even get a sponsor and earn a place in their society, Branko had gathered himself a small army and made a deal to become Mekhet Primogen.

Carthian Movement – The Carthians believe in adapting modern political philosophy to the ancient Traditions of the Camarilla. While some Camarilla lean towards dictatorship and all have elements of meritocracy, the defining trait is that it is organized top-down. The Prince makes decisions to secure his or her power through whatever means are easiest, and governs accordingly. The Carthians have taken up beliefs in modern styles of rule, the recent rise of democracy in both executive and legislative arenas being specifically key. While most vampires you see on the average night were born and Embraced long since democracy took hold, the nature of Kindred society and the dangers associated with it make even young Kindred look towards it as a risky move.

Dimitrakos, Branko

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