Fisher, Gretchen

Vampire. Carthian.


A brunette woman appearing in her late 20s, usually seen wearing fine evening wear. Gretchen prefers long, flowing cocktail dresses in wine colors, with open shoulder and backs to show off her flawless porcelain skin. She wears box-frame glasses and keeps her hair tied with hairpins.


Gretchen is a Daeva neonate, and serves as Mekhet Primogen Branko Dimitrakos’ majordomo and handles much of his social endeavors. She was one of the first Philadelphia First Estate who left to join Branko’s Carthian Movement. She is the strongest voice for the Carthian Movement, extolling the virtues of democratic reform to the Camarilla, and supporting an amendable constitution to replace the existing Traditions.

Personal Power – Through both political power earned through charisma and supernatural power learned through age, Gretchen is either close to or at the proper threshold to be accepted as a vice in Philadelphia. This promotion gives her both rights to a small territory and to Embrace a childe of her own. She was likely about to receive this promotion a couple years ago, but Archer Ambrose arriving in Philadelphia delayed it.

Fisher, Gretchen

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