Forty Four

Vampire. First Estate.


Forty Four looks like a black Sid Vicious, malnourished, ropey muscles and a permanent sneer across his lips. His hair is shaved into a floppy mowhawk, and his face is more metal piercings than skin. He’s usually seen in a leather jacket, the arms torn off to reveal arms tattooed with various skulls and anarchist symbols.


Forty Four is a rebellious fledgling, with seemingly little respect for any of the authority that tells him when and where he can travel, feed and sleep. Fledglings rarely last long with such an attitude, but it’s apparent that he has a powerful sire that has given him a relatively long leash.

March 15th – The party located and beat Forty Four to an unconscious state, erasing his memory with drugs supplied by Charles O’Donnell.

Opinions Regarding Forty Four – Most see Forty Four as a nuisance, though there are the occasional whispers that he’s a symptom of John Dennison’s slothful management, his refusal to take strong stands or risk anything in defending his territory.

Forty Four’s Sire – Forty Four was sired by the PrinceSarah Haversham, who saw the young man in a three way fight against the bouncers at Priceless one night during Elysium. Appreciating the wild emotional spark in the man, she got close to him, took him as a blood thrall for the better part of a year, and eventually culminated the relationship with the Embrace. The tradition in Kindred society is that a rebellious fledgling causes the sire a great deal of social shame, though for a Prince with as secure a hold on her city as Sarah Haversham, even dissatisfaction with her childer is not enough to cause any fluctuation of opinion. As such, Forty Four can be punished with limited feeding rights and even corporal punishment, but no one dares inflict capital punishment on him without the express direction of the Prince.

Forty Four

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