Mage. Free Council.


Garland is a wizened older man appearing in his early 60s. In any weather, he’s fond of fur-lined clothes, or wearing fur scarves that droop to his knees, giving the appearance of robes even when wearing a simple shirt-and-jeans combination. His hair is greying at the edges and ends, maintaining a dark root structure. He is prone to wistful rememberances.


Until nine years ago, Garland was the Consilium’s Thrysus Archmage, a position he held for close to two decades. It was his insistence and eventual disobedience of Consilium edicts that removed the Free Council from Consilium affairs. His allies and society friends abandoned him, refusing to be left out of mage politics. Seeing the people he trusted betray him for political power affected him deeply, he became incapable of playing the poltical landscape without uncontrollable trepidation of possible betrayals.

Luckily for Garland, since his expulsion he has grown to resemble an alternative for young apprentices who chafe at the Consilium’s omnipresent role in their life. He has trained three apprentices since being removed, one of whom left amicably for the Arrow, and two who are still with him; Cordite and Persephone. Due to his fear of the realities of politics, he has kept himself to just raising the young apprentices into competent mages, allowing them to deal with the political end of running the Free Council.

Garland did not survive the burning of Synergy, along with his apprentice Cordite. This leaves the memory of the Free Council in Persephone’s hands, with the few rotes he was able to teach her before his untimely death.


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