Goldberg, Mitch

Alias: "underscorecontrol", "_ctrl", "_arcade", "_underscore". Network 0.


Mitch Goldberg is a 21 year old black youth, wearing baggy jeans and a hooded sweater, the pullstrings dangling everywhere. His eyes dart wildly in conversation, he attempts to memorize everything said to and around him.


Mitch is a young conspiracy theorist and amateur filmmaker, living with his parents. It can be counted that 75% of whatever he’s on about at any situation is pure fabrication, 20% has seeds of truth under a few layers of obfuscation, and 5% is dead right on. He hosts a blog on Network Zero websites, and given his penchant for memorizing every bit of insane information crossing his path, could be a incredible font of information with a few more years experience… provided an irritated vampire or government employee doesn’t shut him up permanently first.

Mitch can usually be found at Goner’s Arcade, one of the last vestiges of the old township in Suburbia.

Goldberg, Mitch

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