Gould, Gideon

Vampire. First Estate Primogen.


Gideon Gould is an exceedingly tall, pale man appearing in his late 30s or early 40s. His hair is metallic grey, often matching his choice of expensive suit. This monochromatic scheme highlights his own touch of color; his light hazel eyes, that in some light appear to have flecks of gold and ochre. Gideon stands probably 6’5, and his dress is functional but gives him the attractive slimming appearance of sharp lines and financial success.


Background/History – Gideon Gould arrived in Philadelphia almost a century ago, and immediately took a commanding position in Kindred society, allying himself with then-mere lord Sarah Haversham and together out-maneuvering established Primogen to place Sarah as Prince and Gould as her trusted Seneschal. The two have dominated Kindred politics ever since, their First Estate covenant owing the allegiance of almost 85% of the city’s vampires. He has absolutely kinetic political acumen, looking at every situation not in terms of pure risk and reward, but in the long-term effects on the political landscape. Many have tried to outplay him in the last 90 years, and he wears a mask of introspection that is almost impossible to pierce.

Current Role – Gould’s responsibilities are myriad; as a Primogen in the First Estate, he is given a wide territory to manage, and has spread his web throughout Financial, often choosing to direct mortal affairs himself rather than delegate to a blood thrall. He also is the controlling influence to elite Nightlife circuit club Priceless, though only appears and manages hands-on before Elysium. As Seneschal, he is responsible for the effective management of the Elysium meetings/events, ultimately responsible for protecting the Prince from the attendees (and sometimes vice versa), and the docket of the community for the Prince. As such, medium-level lords and vices have to go to their area Primogen or attempt to woo Gideon Gould in order to get their issues an audience and a judgement.

Gould, Gideon

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