Barthes, Gwendolyn

Alias: "Gwen". Cheiron Group.


Gwendolyn Barthes is a thin slip of a girl in her early 20s, pale skinned and blondish, often wearing platinum or lavender wigs or dye and dressed in flashy dancing dresses when out on the town. In more subtle environs, she might opt for t-shirts and gym shorts, though still keeping fashionable shoes.


Gwen is the daughter of Cheiron Group director, and CEO of Barthes Prosthetics, Miranda Barthes. She appears to operate in a recon role, infiltrating and building influence in other shadow organizations. She was recently ‘burned’ by First Estate vampires, removing her cover and drastically reducing her contacts among them.

She can be found at most clubs in Nigtlife, with Electricity being her favorite. She may also appear the JKB Building in Financial.

Barthes, Gwendolyn

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