Haversham, Sarah

Vampire. First Estate Primogen, and Prince of Philadelphia.


Sarah Haversham appears to be in her late 20s, short cut jet black hair slicked back and pale blue eyes. She is perfectly androgynous in appearance and choice of dress, usually a sharp angled suit. She does wear makeup, often varied from night to night.


Sarah has been Prince of the city for 90 years. She holds considerable power, and her First Estate faction holds close to 80% of the city’s population as members. The First Estate is also a mortal business conglomerate, of which she owns immense levels of stock through dummy corporations and high-ranking thralls.

On nights when she plans to conduct business, she takes her office at Charlie Kelly Tower in Financial. For play, she prefers the elite of the elite at Priceless, in Nightlife. There are rumors that sometime she uses the Disciplines to travel as a stranger to different locales, to see firsthand how the mice play.

Haversham, Sarah

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