Huxley, James

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Dr. James Huxley is a white man in his mid-40s, brown hair greying at the temples, wearing simple button-up shirts when not wearing a doctor’s coat, and frameless glasses.


Dr. James Huxley may have been an active hunter at one point, he has a knowledge of the kind of damage to the human body that the vigil inflicts. However, he’s worked in a support role in Philadelphia since arriving, patching up anyone with no questions or official chatter for payment.

Background – “I found out what was going on, I may or may not have taken up some arms. After a while, I started to realize how … I won’t say pointless, but I was making war when I didn’t need to. If they push you, and you push back, that establishes territory. From there, I just didn’t see why I needed to eradicate them. Wanted me and mine left alone, I got it. From there, I can help others but I didn’t see the point in fighting a war that no longer involved me.”

Philadelphia Experience – Dr. Huxley has signed contracts with hunter cells to be their specific medical care provider, though his price for in-mission support is intentionally unreasonable. In preparation for a large assault, he was hired by the Union to handle their expected casualties. He also signed with the Conservancy during their takeover of the Park, personally patching up Petra Yepidhikova’s injuries.

James Huxley did not make it out of the burning of Synergy, his body thought to be one of the many charred corpses pulled after the fire was put out.

Huxley, James

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