Janasry, Stavros

Vampire. First Estate.


Stavros Janasry usually wears concealing clothing and dark sunglasses. He appears as a very pale white man somewhere from his mid 20s to late 30s, with cracked bluish lips and broken teeth.


Stavros Janasry is a vampire with the First Estate. Like most of his clan, he prefers the dark and lonely places of the world. Also like most of his clan, he comes from Old Town, being the eldest childe of Eric Morland. While Morland is poetic and longs for interaction, Stavros is short with words and wants nothing less than for the world to go away.

Control – “Push that one from his haven. He doesn’t act when told, he hides. Push him out until he cannot hide, and he’ll do whatever you demand.” (Gideon Gould)

After an attack on his haven, the Old Mansion, Stavros has spent more time at his supposed place of rule, Station 2 Station. For unbeknownst reasons he is close friends with Tasha Carcer, who has helped him run S2S before being sent to the Tunnels.

Janasry, Stavros

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