Saunders, Paige

Vampire. First Estate.


Paige Saunders is a tanned white woman appearing in her early 20s. Her sandy brunette hair falls scraggily down to her shoulders, and her face often has a sense of having crawled through dirt or just having been in a fistfight, puffy or with slight smudges. She dresses in contemporary fashions, but worn out and slightly ripped up from lack of care. She doesn’t speak, communicating through body language.


Paige Saunder was born in Fairfax, Virginia and moved to Aldoustown, New York for university. With an abiding love of nature and animals, Paige was entranced by the rhetoric of a hunter named Flotsam. she traveled with him to Philadelphia to fight those who Flotsam weakened the earth by drawing on its life essence to cast practical magic. In doing so, she found herself lost deep in Philadelphia’s Tunnel system, trapped in an area known as the Dead Line. Here, her and Flotsam had their minds broken by illusions and psychological horrors, Flotsam turning feral and violent, Paige locked in a catatonic, dissociative state.

Discovered by a group of Aldoustown hunters and sin-eaters, Paige was allegedly next in line in a series of ritual deaths, and the decision was that the only way to prevent it was to take her life before it could. With the help of Archer Ambrose, they reasoned the most humane option was to give her eternal unlife in exchange for her mortal life. Offering her to Primogen John Dennison, Paige was Embraced and became a Gangrel fledgling. Still suffering from mental degeneration, Paige has regained most of her faculties in the intervening years, though has still never spoken. The problem is not physical, as she has growled and roared in fights, but mental.

Joining with a coterie of young fledglings (herself, LeeLee, Padre and Anya Soderstrom), and taking the name Jetsam in reference to the hunter who introduced her to the world of darkness, Jetsam acts as the group’s muscle.

As all coteries inevitably go, the group was disbanded when Anya Soderstrom and LeeLee betrayed Jetsam and Padre to the hunter Mesmer, backed up by an unnamed security force. Jetsam fought through them and is said to have gravely wounded the experienced Mesmer, though Padre was killed in the struggle. Soon after, LeeLee met with an unexplained death by sunlight. The Hound Sachit was brought in to investigate whether Jetsam was involved, but ruled it a suicide. Anya Soderstrom now rarely leaves her place in Electricity, and Jetsam was promoted to neonate. At that point, she stopped responding to ‘Jetsam’ and now goes by Paige Saunders again.

Saunders, Paige

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