Kenny Sixes

Real Name: Unknown. Black Blossom Court.


The Black Blossom Court is home to many weird images, but few weirder than the young man that Nyx calls ‘Kenny Sixes’. From behind he looks like a slight teenager, shaggy brown hair framing his face, in dirty jeans and a torn-up Saxon t-shirt, it’s Kenny’s eyes that boggle the mind. Rather than anything approaching human eyes, Kenny has what looks like two bright green sixes, like the readout of a digital alarm clock. He has a set of unseen black eyelids appear to close sideways over them and then retract into his skin, but he can never keep them closed for long.


Even among the denizens of the Playground, Kenny is special in his appearance. It is difficult to say exactly how he feels about it, because he says little if anything, and is intensely shy. In all situations he looks to Miss Nyx to know how to act, and she always has an answer.

Kenny acts as Nyx’s representative and tour guide, guiding travelers and those of interest to Miss Nyx to the Playground, and ignoring would-be invaders and government types. No one really knows if Kenny has any kind of a personal life, because the only time he’s ever seen is in the performance of his duties. Kenny does have a relatively blessed relationship with Nyx, as he receives at worst, faint praise, and at best a tender stroke or embrace by his beloved queen. He doesn’t stay long to enjoy such comforts, immediately darting off back into the bowels of the Tunnels to watch for more travelers.

Kenny Sixes

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