Real Name: "Casey(?)". Aegis Kai Doru leader.


Kyrie is an athletic man in his early 30s with short cropped brown hair. He wears windbreakers and jeans, and has discolored rashes below his jawline, like old ropeburns. He talks with relatively clipped phrases, and is naturally respectful to strangers and superiors.


Kyrie has been a member of the Aegis Kai Doru for at least six years. He has on occasion mentioned military service, and has trained his cell with basic squad tactics. For whatever reason, he sees the Guardians’ task of acquiring Relics and locking them away in the Labyrinths as a sworn task.

Kyrie can be found in the Museum of History in the Financial District.

How It All Started – “I always had a bit of talent with the ball, I got a scholarship to a decent college to play cornerback. I had the height and the wheels for it. Anyways, I was doing that when 9/11 happened. And so I signed up for the USMC. Shipped out. After a year, was… when it all started, I was a Corporal. I had my own fire team, Hotel. Myself and 5 other guys… R.L., Whiteson, ‘mirez, Windsy and Animal. So… we had some downtime in Zareh Shahran, little place surrounded by big empty. We keep hearing these … three different, unconnected people reported kidnappings, little kids. And by report, I mean they accused us. Whiteson and R.L. could translate, we got all their stories together and I put it together that … I won’t go into it, but someone was taking them to Pakistan. Pakistan hills weren’t far from here, you can hit them with a rock. And … few of us didn’t like being accused, few of us didn’t like the idea of someone kidnapping little kids. So we went up there without orders. And, poked around for a few marathon days, didn’t find shit… until we did. And I wish we hadn’t. I wish I’d never seen it. Three men, older men, had been taking children from Pakistan for… for a while. And I guess either they ran out or couldn’t anymore, because now they had moved on to Paktika province. And what they were doing… they were sorcerers. They were… draining these kids. Or stealing their souls, I … I hope you’ll never see these withered, shrivelling little bodies, lying in piles, in PILES! They looked like driftwood, green and rotten from the inside! And these… that was the first time I saw magic. They were taking these kids and using them to fuel their weapons and trinkets, and they unleashed it on us. Ramirez blew his brains out right there, Animal lifted into the air and all the blood just leaked out of him. I got these marks on my neck, one of them had a rope, a living rope that found you and choked you. We killed them all. We killed them. But none of us were ever the same. R.L. hung himself with his shoelaces while we were being held. Oh yeah, we were imprisoned for going into Pakistan illegally. And coming back with a story of sorcerers. They discharged Whiteson and Windsor. Tried to get me to stay with a promotion to Sergeant. I came back to Philly. Those kids. That’s never going to happen here.”


The Philadelphia Crusade Brodehouse