Mare's Tail

Werewolf. Black Smoke Pack alpha.


Mare’s Tail is a dark-skinned woman in her late 30s. She might have been beautiful once, but now she’s thin, covered in ropey muscles and hard edges. Her dark eyes boil with unblinking rage, and she has a habit of clenching her teeth so hard they appear as if they might snap. The top of her head, just north of the forehead, is hairless and scarred by a mottled, almost tortoise-shell pattern.


Mare’s Tail has an unbridled hatred for all humans, seeing them as little more than filthy miscreants, and in fits of rage; prey. She is intensely territorial, refusing to let anything be taken from her without bruises or blood, and can be ferocious to even her pack mates. She only respects force, but offers no respect for her competition; they receive only pain and hatred.

Mare’s Tail and the Black Smoke Pack own the Industrial district, and only the fringe areas are remotely safe.

Mare's Tail

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