Masters, Monica

Real Name/Alias: Monica Michaels, Monica Masterson. Vampire. First Estate.


Monica Masters appears in her early 20s, a voluptuous raven-haired beauty with elegant, arched eyebrows, delicate shoulders and a constant tan. She dresses well, in business suits that promote her figure and keeps her hair in modern, adult styles to present an image of confidence and success.


Background/Personality – Monica Masters moved to Philadelphia in 1990, and after a few years and bitter struggles, earned her place in Kindred society. While Monica remains tight-lipped about her age and history before Philadelphia, the rumor is that it’s been between 80 and 100 years since her Embrace, and that she was ran out of her previous city after failing to usurp the reigning Prince. Monica is known for being ‘meticulous’, she has a functioning form of hyperfocus and eidetic memory, and is extremely detail-oriented. While she might be described as socially awkward or aloof, she does enjoy the company of others.

Role in the First Estate – Monica was a Primogen since 1995, after gaining the aid of Gideon Gould in eliminating the previous Mekhet Primogen. She controlled First Estate interests in Suburbia until the rise of the Better Way Community Outreach in the mid-00s and increased police presence made the area unfeasible as a reliable feeding ground. In 2009, Pittsburgh refugeeBranko Dimitrakos arrived in Philadelphia, and Monica gave her status to him freely to prevent what she saw as an inevitable conflict between the two elder Mekhet. Currently, she acts as a vice under Gideon Gould, handling the social end of his business arrangements, and maintaining her own affairs from her territory at the elite restaurant Briarwood.

Masters, Monica

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