McLanahan, Marie

First Estate.


Marie McLanahan is a vivacious adult woman appearing in her mid or late 30s. She has frizzly orange hair, an ample bosom that she accentuates with low cut blouses, and healthy, clear skin. Despite being a mortal surrounded by vampires at all times, she is exceptionally confident and can appraise situations with an even demeanor.


Marie McLanahan is a mortal blood thrall of John Dennison for untold years. She owns St. Finian’s Pub and handles most of the public end of its affairs, saving John from the exhaustion of mortal affairs. Even the grand majority of vampire business focused on St. Finian’s must first run through Marie, before getting approved for John’s time. She is extremely devoted to John, and owes her exceedingly good health to his regular gifts of his extremely potent blood.

As the owner and manager, she can always be found at St. Finian’s Irish Pub.

McLanahan, Marie

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