Vampire. Carthian.


Megrim is a pale, bald man appearing in his late 30s. With black animal stripe tattoos down his neck, a powerful physique and a lumbering stance, Megrim looks ready to pounce on anyone who squares off with him. Sometimes wearing dark makeup to highlight the eerie whiteness of his eyes, Megrim is a tale of not-so-subtle intimidation.


March 30th – Megrim was seen with Sachit at the opening of Synergy. He said nothing, merely glowering silently as Sachit asked questions.

Megrim is the Camarilla’s Wolf, a dispenser of necessary violence against those who break the Traditions, with authority up to and including execution. Megrim has rarely, if ever, acted out of personal interest in the performance of his duties, which may be why Sarah Haversham retained him as her Wolf despite his political defection to the Carthian movement. The other reason may be that his stomach for cold-blooded retribution has served to keep more in line than Sarah’s brand of politics upsets.

Megrim is usually seen operating alongside Sachit, the Prince’s Hound, in order to make sure the facts and evidence are solid before inflicting punishment. It’s unclear where Megrim spends his personal time, though his loyalty to the Carthians may suggest it would be Branko’s.


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