Mendoza, Raoul

Hunter. Union.


Raoul Mendoza is a large Hispanic man in his mid 30s. He stands about 6’4 and 240 pounds, wearing black muscle shirts in summer and a heavy, concrete-caked jacket in winter. His dark hair is matted onto his head, and he has wide, dark brown eyes.


Raoul Mendoza didn’t discover the shadow world, he was conscripted. While Reggie Watkins wants the neighborhood safe, and the best way to do it is by keeping most folk unaware of the monsters that stalk the streets, sometimes you need to get the most capable to apply as soldiers. Reggie offered to show Raoul the greatest threat to the neighborhood, taking him with a small Union cell as they spied a vampire feeding on a teenaged boy in a Downtown back alley.

Raoul has been a physical asset to the Union, being tireless in his vigil. In February 2012, an encounter with a more experienced bloodsucker led to severe injuries for his cell. As such, he passed his invitation to the multi-lateral effort headed by Curio to the young Aimee Smith.

Mendoza, Raoul

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