Morland, Eric

Vampire. First Estate Primogen.


Eric Morland is a tall, pale white man appearing in his late 30s. He has wan, sickly looking white skin, lined with deep creases, colored red or blue depending on his health, running vertically along his face and his bald head. He is completely hairless, and has beady white eyes like a husky. He dresses in a refined way, appearing in a soft-looking robe and a smoking jacket, with a cigarette holster. His voice is sharp and shrill, though his actual words are measured and eloquent.


Background – Eric Morland was sired in Philadelphia, in his own words, “as the greatest of the Great Depression”. For his early years, he lacked the ghost-white skin, the horrid creases, and even had a head of platinum blonde hair, though kept the beady, off-putting eyes. As he developed and grew, his presence became more and more unpalatable to mortals despite efforts to the contrary. Finally, some time in the 80s he disappeared from mortal society entirely.

Personality – Eric Morland was never a social butterfly, he was a young scholar, only twenty years old. Only the nosferatu curse gave him the appearance of age. In his young life he was too wrapped up in books and theater to develop any friends. This left him incapable of the social networking and subtlety his peers enjoyed in their hunts… while completely lacking personal magnetism or charisma, Eric Morland was not without intelligence or charm. He became adept at reading people from afar (though his inexperience with direct social contact makes his composure shake in conversation), and was one of few vampires who didn’t suffer a complete creative stagnation upon Embrace. It is said he is still a very capable poet, although perhaps a little imitative of e.e. Cummings.

Role in the First Estate – Eric Morland is the Nosferatu Primogen, and has been assigned to defend and expand First Estate interests in Philadelphia’s Downtown. He has the least power in both the First Estate and the Camarilla as a whole, owing only about 5-10% of the power share in the city.

Morland, Eric

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