Niedermayer, Ana

Sleepwalker. Free Council.


Ana Niedermayer is a freckled white girl in her mid 20s, with red hair tied up in a loose bun with various curls and frizzes escaping. She dresses in simple striped t-shirts and jeans, sometimes with overalls.


Ana Niedermayer has been aware of the world below the surface since her teens, after a family incident. After a few internet postings that caught the eye of some Guardians of the Veil, she found herself in an interrogation. Testing her and discovering her qualities as a sleepwalker, they allowed her to work as an assistant, though the experience and rough handling turned her off from the Guardians and their Consilium allies pretty strongly. She heard of Garland and his exiled Free Council and immediately latched on, their first sleepwalker assistant since the exile.

During the burning of Synergy, Ana found herself trapped behind a security locked door, along with Gabriella Cuomo. They were saved by the selfless actions of Saint, who sacrificed himself to get the door open and save their lives. In the time since, Ana has dealt with survivor’s guilt and found a new-found appreciation and determination in her work. She also acquired a tattoo, with the names of her friends Garland and Cordite, and her rescuer Saint.

Family – Ana had two twin sisters and a brother, and says they all got swept up in the world of darkness in some way, all around their teens. After the death of her brother Colt and her sister Bobbi’s following depression, they haven’t really seen much of each other since they all turned 18.

Family II – Colt died due to some sort of raging shapechanger, an equine beast that was just a flash of red. In attempting to save their brothers life, her sister Donna changed shape as well, horrifically for Ana and Bobbi. Bobbi locked herself away for months, eating little and drinking too much. Donna had to break into her room and physically carry her to a hospital finally, and Ana could only watch as her siblings splintered.

Niedermayer, Ana

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