Real Name: Brian Kellogg.


Blacker is a short ball of hate, standing about 5’6 and hiding his face behind greasy black hair. He wears corduroy or knit jackets, even in summer, and tight jeans. He’s grown a scraggly looking black goatee under his chin, and still carries his signature butterfly knife.


Blacker was born Brian Kellogg, son of working class parents Downtown. A chance encounter between a significant other and the shadow world brought him down into its depths as well, though Brian was better prepared. Having a knack for violence, he and the amateur cell he learned his trade with followed a personal mission through, gaining the attention of the Aegis Kai Doru. They offered him and a cellmate membership, and they accepted, his cellmate naming himself Pulse and Brian taking the alias Noir.

In late 2010, the growing resentment between Noir and his commander Kyrie reached a head, with Noir swearing off the Guardians of the Labyrinth permanently. He disappeared into the underworld, taking his personal Relic with him. Kyrie would have it back, but leaves Noir alone out of respect for Pulse’s history with him. It’s unclear what he’s done in the time since.

March 30th – Noir has revealed himself, having changed his alias to Blacker, and appears to be the controlling interest of Station 2 Station, what is ostensibly a First Estate club. It is unclear how he came to acquire this role in the First Estate, but it coincides accurately with the rumors of bloody retribution for unwelcome publicized ‘incidents’ that occur at S2S.

Recent History – Blacker is a ghoul, controlled by Tasha Carcer, and sometimes loaned out to her friend Stavros Janasry. His place as S2S’s bouncer and violence solution is well earned.


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