Unknown Supernatural (Mage?). Alias: "Miss Nyx, Queen of Dolor and Despair".


Miss Nyx is a young girl, possibly a teenager, with pale, pasty skin and a strange mix of rags, tattered fishnets, and silk scarves, kept under an oversized Philadelphia Flyers leather jacket. She wears heavy amounts of dark makeup, and has an endless variety of hairstyles (mousse-spackled and fire red one day, pale blue and hanging in front of her eyes like curtains the next).


Miss Nyx leads a gang of many classically-defined weirdos and freaks, in a kind of circus sideshow gone militant. She rules the Tunnels without question, calling herself the queen of a ‘Black Blossom Court’, seemingly capable of turning her entire crew from hyena laughter to horrified tears and screams in mere moments. No one rides a subway without her knowing, and those that choose to walk the Tunnels by foot, or worse, pick up residence in one of the hundreds of disused maintenance areas and permanently incomplete station constructions will find themselves either swearing fealty to her or leaving, sometimes with less parts than they entered with. With the absolute power she wields, it’s strange that she’s yet to make a play for the surface.

She can be found in her ‘Playground’ in the depths of the Tunnels.

New Life in Suburbia – Mitch Goldberg has discovered the Black Blossoms in Suburbia, and managed to get an invite to a mad revel. According to his post on 0chan, most of his footage turned out unusable and distorted, though he reports a first hand encounter of a hallucinogenic party in Township High‘s gymnasium. After falling asleep at some point, he roamed around in the middle of night until he came upon Nyx sleeping alone in the planetarium. Wrapped up in the fetal position in a stack of chair cushions, he reports her weeping tears in her sleep. After that, he can’t remember anything except waking up at home the next day.

Friends and Enemies – The First Estate dislikes Nyx, initially seeing her as nothing but another vampire-hunter out to disrupt their territories. Five years experience (and several vampires returning to Nightlife missing parts) has led to them forming a begrudging respect for her power through their dislike. That she’s stayed in the Tunnels and hasn’t disrupted them further has led to them to ignore her. Philadelphia Mages, specifically Hierarch Desideratum, believe her to be some kind of gutter-witch or hedge wizard, extremely capable with her talents but still nowhere near true Atlantean power. Despite protests from the Guardians to ‘bring her in’, Desideratum has specifically stated that she’s not to be trifled with unless she gives the order.


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