Free Council mage working with the hunter group


Elise Brabant has never had an easy life. She grew up in Washington DC, and spent most of her life alone. Her mother was a political reporter for CNN who was rarely at home, and she had never met her father. When asked about her father, Elise’s mother would stare off into space for a few moments before sharing a hazy memory of a handsome man named Vincent, but claimed she couldn’t recall more details than that.
She never developed strong friendships, never dated anyone, and spent the majority of her time in her books and on the computer. She graduated top of her class and received a pretty hefty scholarship to Cornell University. The summer before she was to leave for college, she discovered she was even more gifted than she had ever thought possible, as she awakened as a mage.

Shortly into her life as a mage, she met a man who called himself Vincentius, who claimed to be her father. He said he worked for a group called the Guardians of the Veil and that her mother was a “sleeper” who was dangerously close to the truth, and he needed to silence her, so he seduced her away from her story, and used magic to cover it. He claimed to have been watching Elise since she was a child, and protected her the best way he knew how. Elise however, saw him as the man who abandoned her as a child and decided to do whatever she could to piss him off. She became a Free Council mage, interested in working with sleepers, and not so interested in protecting the veil.

Now she’s 26, she calls herself Persephone and is “living her own life apart from him.” She heard about the opportunity in Philadelphia and seeing it as a learning opportunity (not to mention a chance to piss off Vincentius) she decided to join the hunter group who will prevent this war.


The Philadelphia Crusade Sheldoman