Vampire. First Estate.


Sachit appears to be an East Indian man in his early 30s, with moussed black hair combed back, a permanent stubble, and deep-set dark eyes. He dresses in loose-fitting black suits or cloaks in colder weather, with a specific like for gold accessories (a watch and a small chain).


March 30th – Sachit and Megrim approacs the party at the opening of their new club, Synergy. He asks about their practices, specifically that of denying entry to the First Estate. With this confirmed, he simply leaves without incident. While doing so, he reprimanded the fledgling Forty Four for being in this part of town against permission.

Sachit is the Camarilla’s Hound, ostensibly the Prince’s personal detective and spymaster. As is typical for the role he is Mekhet clan, and holds esteem within the First Estate. He carries the unique talent for seeming to be ‘everywhere at once’, those who scoff at Sarah Haversham’s law (or the older laws that unite the Camarilla) find themselves constantly harassed by his near omnipresence in their lives. More than having only the ability to stifle and annoy with his presence, Sachit is a master evidence gatherer and recon agent. The Kindred have developed an advisory phrase; “When you don’t feel the Hound’s breath is when you must be most careful”

If Sachit can be said to take personal time, he spends it at Priceless, away from prying eyes and with the most successful of mortals. When on the job, he is often accompanied by his counterpart Megrim, in case he feels he needs to pass down the Prince’s law immediately.*


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