He searches for a scientific explanation for what he has become


Saint is a Sin-Eater. In his first life, he was a geneticist researching a hereditary condition which plagued his family line. He wasn’t able to find a cure to the disease, and finally succumbed to it. In his second life, he searches for a rational explanation for what he has become. Can he learn to accept the hand fate dealt him? Will he learn the secrets behind the supernatural events and abilities? Or will his search end in death like last time?

Saint is a very gifted scientist and is quite knowledgeable about all supernatural beings. He keeps to himself, and normally takes contract jobs. After Curio learned about his special skills, he hired Saint to work in Philadelphia with his task force.

Saint usually dresses in dark coloured clothes including a long black coat, dark coloured pants, and a hat or hood which hides his blonde hair.

During the burning of Synergy, Saint sacrificed his second life to save two others; Ana Niedermayer and Gabriella Cuomo. Using his manifestations to appear in an isolated and dangerous room, Saint had an entire section of roof collapse upon him, crushing him to death within moments. The last thing he saw was the misting green eyes of Ana. During the memorial, Saint’s fellow Sin-Eaters Valentine and Streetsweeper held a traditional ceremony using bread and alcohol, to absolve Saint of his sins.


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