Slidell, Jimarcus

Soul's Army gang leader.


Jimarcus Slidell is a slight black youth, small and bony, no more than five foot seven, with a clean shaven head. He walks around shirtless or wearing purple and black (Soul’s Army colors), over baggy khakis. He wears one expensive looking ring, encrusted with small clear gems; he considers it proof that he’s ‘married to the Projects’.


At the turn of the century, Philadelphia began a gentrification program to tear down the 12 low-rent housing complexes known as the Projects to replace them with luxury condominiums and chain brand shopping centers. Current residents were to be given 600 dollars recompense to find new housing. By 2008, they had knocked down nine of the buildings, leaving only 5, 7 and 11. Jimarcus Slidell would not have it. He united the various street gangs in the area together to form what he calls the Soul’s Army, defending the soul of the Projects.

Jimarcus is cocky and proud, but believes his rhetoric completely. He would die for the Projects. His jovial charisma and pure force of personality was enough to bridge differences between drug dealers, armed robbers, and hardened criminals, all to stop the government from taking their homes.

He can be found in one of the three remaining Buildings in the Projects.

Cheiron Data – Unsure of how to approach the situation. Suburban residents increase the market on anti-depressants and mood stabilizers, but many in the Projects are on pain pills, antibiotics and anti-viral medications. As for the resource acquisition end of Cheiron, the inescapable presence of the Soul’s Army in the Projects and the Better Way Community Outreach in Suburbia makes both areas inhospitable to the depredations of shadow societies.

Slidell, Jimarcus

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