Real Name: Unknown. Anarch.


Snowblind was only seen from behind, at a large distance. He appeared to have long, flowing dark hair, and wore a denim jacket.


Snowblind has arisen in the last few months to be a thorn in the side of the First Estate. They believe him responsible for both various propaganda sheets left throughout Nightlife that out several Nightlife owners as vampires, and smeared a message in soap on the sixth floor glass of Charlie Kelly Tower that claimed the First Estate (Development Association, to most mortal onlookers) were responsible for 6 murders in the last year. Both of these go against the most basic of the Camarilla Tradiitons, that of maintaining the Masquerade. As such, his anarchs have attracted the ire of both the First Estate and of Carthians and any unaffiliated vampires capable of recognizing the threat to their survival that such a breach causes.

However, bold moves have attracted some to his cause, and it’s debatable how many may actually agree with his Tradition-destroying philosophies but are unwilling to speak out and accept the risks.


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