Werewolf. Silk Worm Pack.


Soryu is an impressively athletic Japanese man in his early 30s. Standing about 5’10 and possessing a toned, sculpted physique, Soryu is followed at all times by the distinct smell of sweat. Preferring loose-fitting cotton clothing in public situations, or a traditional karategi in physical contests, Soryu also goes barefoot in almost all weather and terrain, though rarely picks up scratches or cuts.


Soryu follows a complete code of discipline derived from his Japanese heritage, along with the newfound commitment and determination that comes with his werewolf heritage. Adhering to both the four pillars of moral character, and his auspice’s dedication to purity of both thought and action, Soryu appears to have compunctions whatsoever about following law to the letter. The only personal habit he allows himself for enjoyment is attempting to challenge himself and master his physical form in competitive combat. He does not shy away from ‘street’ violence, though would rarely if ever be moved to initiate it.

Fighting Styles – Soryu is currently ‘learning’, attempting to master many fighting arts before making an attempt at his life goal; creating his own designed specifically for werewolves to use in Gaaru form. He believes developing and mastering such an art can aid in preventing Death Rage through focus and determination. At this point however, he states he refuses to blend styles until he has learned more. Through technique alone he is a master of karate and jujutsu, and a talented practitioner of southern style kung fu, Nippon Kempo, taekwondo, and silat. He prefers unarmed combat, but is versed in the kusari and all forms of silat weapon fighting; he states he prefers that silat weaponry are derived from common tools. He greatly dislikes firearms for this reason, stating that a fist can be a weapon to defend oneself and a tool for helping children stand… a firearm can only be used as a weapon.


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