Vampire. First Estate.


Stopol is a pale man appearing in his 30s, with stringy brown hair, and the appearance of having a lazy eye. He wears a surplus jacket with tears in the material where he hides crossbow bolts.

Oh yeah, he favors a crossbow.


Stopol was fought in a planetarium room in the abandoned Township High School in Suburbia. Incapacitated, he revealed that he was never interested in the politics behind the anarchs split from the Camarilla, just that he thought it would be the best chance for him to get a good fight to the death in.

March 23rd – He is currently being held by John Dennison until Elysium, where the Prince will decide what to do with him.

At Elysium, Stopol recanted his allegiance to the anarchs, and became a member of the First Estate, under Sarah Haversham herself.


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