Sin-Eater. Real Name: Kyle Raymond Blackburn. Alias: "Crowdpleaser"


Streetsweeper is a white man in his late 40s, with dark auburn hair and a noticeable scar from the right edge of his lip to the point on his chin. He dresses in dark red leather, usually trenchcoats with a white tuxedo vest and red dress shirt underneath. He is prone to sweeping gestures and has a habit of looking through people.


Kyle Raymond Blackburn doesn’t say how he became a ghost hunter, but will tell anyone who will listen why he took the name Streetsweeper ("For about six years in the early-90s, I had this one shotgun, and people started identifying me based on it. They’d say “look out it’s that guy with the streetsweeper!” so I thought it was a good alias"). Streetsweeper has a low level of fame in the community for handling hauntings and paranormal phenomena. He in fact advertises his abilities as a ghost hunter, and ‘solves’ several cases for the easily duped. This helps him find other cases of actual hauntings as well.

Background – Kyle Raymond Blackburn was born in Moon Township, Pennsylvania on December 21st, 1963. He graduated Cornell in 1986 with a bachelor degree in journalism. He briefly had a job for the New York Examiner, writing street crime articles until 1989, when he quit his job for unknown reasons. He never took an identity, but has been ‘between jobs’ for the last few decades.

Sin-Eater – Streetsweeper is of the Torn threshold, and specializes in Shroud manifestations and the Stigmata and Phantasmal keys. He’s also pretty handy with a pump-action shotgun.


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