Real Name: "Fuck you, fuckface, that's my name". Cheiron Group.


24 years old, Stroika has given up on dyeing his hair ostentatious red and lets it grow in grey and white. He’s cut it shorter, giving him more of an appearance of age. He has started to show a bit more care for his suits, though he still has a habit of wearing the tie completely loose and not tucking in the shirt. He is casually vulgar, often irritable, and his accent hints at growing up in a working class New York or New Jersey neighborhood.

Also, his body is covered in surgical scars and weird protuberances. Part of the job.


Stroika is mostly silent about his past. He says he’s been dealing with monsters since his 15th birthday, and joined Cheiron on his 18th after receiving offers from government organizations. He was a part of Dedicated Pickup Teams until he noticed how often the missions ended with him being the only one alive. Deciding that his luck had just about run out, he transferred to Recruitment and chose the smallest town they would allow him to operate in; Aldoustown. After two years of rounding up the occasional vampire or sea monster, and blackmailing certain mages, Stroika wasted company resources looking for the killer of Fileen Lao, earning himself a demotion to Operations and a transfer to Philadelphia. As far as he’s concerned, nothing’s resolved with Fileen.

Stroika can either be found at the JKB Building, sleeping on the cheap carpet of his empty office, or at a party safehouse.

Private E-Mails – Stroika


Message 1 – "I believe you should peruse your contract, Stroika. The thuamatechnology implants remain property of the Cheiron Group, and as such must be returned at the end of your service. One of which (the Spinal Reaction Inductor BP70E5) can only be re-acquired by rendering the majority of your torso into fat and liquid. I have my doubts whether or not even you could survive such a process. For the sake of the company and yourself, I’d urge you reconsider.

- MB"


Message 2 – “ill give you another year then do your worst”

Message 1 – “tired of this shit. gonna quit this summer.”


The Philadelphia Crusade Brodehouse