Toy Box

Real Name: Unknown. Black Blossom Court.


Toy Box is a short black youth, appearing maybe in his early 20s, and standing about 5’2. His short black hair appears to have blonde frosted highlights, and he wears black mirror goggles over his eyes. He wears filthy hoodies and baggy clothes.


Toy Box was given his name for his propensity to suddenly have some foreign object in his hands. Even he isn’t sure of where he got them, though if Nyx asks him directly he states he was thinking of building it. These items are sometimes just insane amalgams; a cuckoo clock with a live mouse squeaking the time instead of a wood bird, a helmet made out of a jackal skull with a ram’s horns, a snowglobe mixed with a lava lamp… though sometimes he winds up with more dangerous items; live Vietnam-era claymores, a water balloon filled with lye, an electric toothbrush with razor bristles.

Toy Box

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