Valencia, Isaac

Valencia Bloodline. Brother of the Scion.


Isaac Valencia is a tall, thin man in his mid 40s, with a salt-and-pepper Jewfro, wearing a brown suede duster and black jeans. He has a smoker’s cough, and piercing brown-grey eyes. He carries three threshing sickles with him.


Isaac Valencia is the brother to the current Valencia Scion. He appears to be completely dedicated to the cause and accepting of the realities of the hunt. After losing a daughter and a son in Pittsburgh, he realizes that another violent war so soon after will likely decimate the family, even in victory. Between the pure numbers that they are sure to lose and the political fallout that could come with it, it could reduce them to ashes.

Isaac Valencia is tasked with reporting the severity of the infestation in Philadelphia and reporting in person to the Scion and family elders wherever they are. When in the city, he can be found in one of the secret lodgings at the Pennsylvania State Library.

Valencia Weaponry – His three sickles are built by the ancient practice they have used to construct Cicero’s Tools since the first generation. They have been approved by the Aegis Kai Doruto wield them after a legendary fight between Leonardo Valezzia and a Guardian chapterleader through the streets, rooftops and canals of Rennaissance Italy. The fight lasted five days straight before Leonardo and the woman found each other worthy opponents and signed an agreement.

More… – They have personal names for a reason. In order to craft one of Cicero’s Tools, it requires the life of a family member. Most Valencias choose this when they can no longer maintain the hunt or serve in a support role. As such, anyone bequeathed with a weapon must take care of it like they would an elder family member, and losing one is considered a grievous sin.

Valencia, Isaac

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