Valencia, Rebekah

Hunter. Valencia Bloodline. The Scion.


Rebekah is a stern appearing woman in her early 30s, frizzy black hair combed away from her face and to her shoulders. She has a strong chin, broad shoulders and an overall appearance of health and ability. She dresses in a very antiquated set of black and red robes, complete with hood. Under the robes is a tighter fitting, functional tunic with several pockets and holsters. Despite the incredibly strange attire, as Scion she has little choice.


Rebekah appears stern and focused, and she is that and more. The daughter of the previous Scion, Michael Valencia, Rebekah spent her entire young life planning on taking on the mantle. When the time came for a new Scion to be selected, many were passed over (including her older brother Isaac) in favor of the determined, athletic teenager Rebekah. This caused a certain amount of strife in the family, some who weren’t sure Heaven’s Chain had made the best choice for the family. She proceeded to launch an incredible campaign in Amsterdam, taking down two 300+ year old elder vampires in the span of a week. After this, there was little question.

Rebekah was forced to call a holy crusade in Pittsburgh in 2010, her second such call to arms in her 14 years as Scion. Due to the changing nature of society in America, walking down city streets at night in strange attire and brandishing sharp implements against human-looking vampires earns the wrong kind of attention. With the Scion largely contained through legal wrangling and the Pittsburgh vampires propensity for hiding among large crowds of innocents, it was up to the outer elements of the Valencia family to slay the elders and standing army. The deciding blow was several young Valencias sacrificing themselves (and the hapless priests, sisters and churchgoers) in burning down a Catholic church with Pittsburgh’s Prince Innocent inside. With this, the morale of the bloodsuckers broke and they ashed many in the ensuing rout.

Rebekah is currently considering the necessity of a holy crusade in Philadelphia.

Valencia, Rebekah

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