Sin-Eater. Real Name: Unknown.


Valentine is a tanned man appearing in his late 30s or early 40s, with a trimmed brown beard and moustache, wearing a leather trenchcoat and a bent-brim cowboy hat with a playing card in the band. The playing card appears to be an black ace, but the suit is a skull. He speaks with a lethargic slurry of several accents, going between Kentucky, Yinzer, Quebecois and Boston seemingly without care.


Valentine is a compulsive gambler, specifically regarding cards. He also happens to be a local Sin-Eater who has kicked around the Pennsylvania, Virginia and Maryland area for the last dozen years or so. He, like most Sin-Eaters, does not work alone or with a steady group, but takes work where it comes to him; part of his larger ‘dice roll’ philosophy.


The Philadelphia Crusade Brodehouse