Vilsick, Duncan

Hunter. Conservancy.


Duncan Vilsick is a handsome white man in his late 20s, cold and slick; dark hair combed back and made immovable with gel, skin flawless, eyes clear and blue, and bright white teeth. He dresses in designer polo shirts, khaki pants and well-worn $700 loafers. He talks with an almost palpable air of self-confidence.


Duncan’s father is an infamously stingy real estate baron from West Virginia, and it’s that characteristic that defines Duncan’s lifestyle. Duncan is a giver, repeatedly stating its soul-healing abilities, and upon setting up a life in Philadelphia in his teens, made this his express purpose. It won him allies, support and a following in the City of Brotherly Love. It was this desire to give that led to him suggesting to a group of like-minded (and similarly affluent) peers to form the Park Beautification Conservancy, and clean up Philadelphia’s once-beautiful City Park. To that end, he has succeeded in complete, the Park today an image of splendor and progress amidst the turbulent city life.

Duncan’s personality is a microcosm of his worldview; immensely, almost overbearingly friendly, charming and compassionate.

Among city sin-eaters in the know, he’s usually referred to as ‘Psycho’ or ‘the psycho boy from the park’ for his methods of dispatching monsters… the Conservancy trades in rather unclean, painful death.

Allies and Enemies – Most werewolves are perhaps obviously in opposition to Duncan and the Conservancy’s behavior, with Mare’s Tail perhaps being most vehemently opposed. Most Nightlife area vampires, including Primogen John Dennison, have a neutral or friendly relationship with Duncan, with him having a history of only hunting their criminals and political dissidents. Conversely, Duncan’s ‘rich boy saves the world’ shtick really rubs Jimarcus Slidell and the Soul’s Army the wrong way.

The secret truth is that Duncan and the First Estate run much deeper than just a political ceasefire; Sarah Haversham has gifted him her political enemies on a number of occassions, either for execution or just a savage beating (and possible torture). There’s even a rumor that they’re intermittent sexual partners to celebrate a successful hunt.

Background – Duncan wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but a heroin spoon. His father had a thing for damaged goods, and Duncan was conceived of an Eastern European prostitute who had planned to blackmail his father. Instead, she died after a car accident on a bridge after dropping the infant Duncan at a children’s hospital. The elder Vilsick then adopted the child and raised it as his own.

Personality – The charity is not a front; Duncan really likes people. He truly believes in the joys of giving… however, when people betray your hopes for them and abuse that trust, it can be incredibly disappointing. The other factor of his personality is sexual promiscuity, which some have said is the driving force behind his charitable contributions.

Vilsick, Duncan

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