Watkins, Reggie

Union organizer.


Reggie Watkins is a white haired black man in his late 50s, with thought lines creasing his forehead and his curly white hair beginning to recede to form a widow’s peak. He dresses simply most days, though if part of some ‘official’ seeming encounter, he will find his best charcoal suit, though it does sport some somewhat obvious sewing lines.


Reggie didn’t discover the truth about the world until he was already in his late 40s. He doesn’t say what brought him into the shadow struggle, but his life spent as a real-life union representative and later organizer helped him greatly at taking care of the sometimes scattered Union hunters of Downtown Philadelphia. His area of influence is rather low, mostly to make sure that the monsters aren’t roaming the streets picking off whoever they feel like, and on days when he suffers a scheme of grand proportions, attempting to keep all the local businesses and residential complexes owned and operated by regular mortals. He is quite aware of the true nature of the First Estate in all its many arms of operation, and looks down on most of the corporations headquartered in Financial.

Secrets – Reggie Watkins has three adult children, one of which he has seen once in ten years. He attempted to explain his ‘awakening’ to his father, and then disappeared. As far as Reggie understands, he’s part of the sorcerers and ritualists that the Union sometimes hears about or has rare confrontations with. He’d keep those confrontations rare… who knows if his son happens to be involved and the worst happens?

Secrets II – Reggie has explicitly worked with mages of Radio 34 to prevent any altercations between the Union and the Consilium. The mages in turn agree to leave the businesses and property of Downtown alone. On rare, rare occasions, they may trade specific intel, the mages informing the Union of a renegade spellcaster attempting to hide Downtown, or the Union informing the mages of the same.

Watkins, Reggie

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