Weiss, Isaac

Vampire. First Estate.


Isaac Weiss is a short tan skinned man appearing in his late 40s, yet appearing at a level of health closer to his early 30s. He has a constant, dark three day stubble and thick, angular eyebrows. He has deep set eyes with dark pupils, and a large aquiline nose. He dresses in dark or grey suits and ties and has a tendency to pace.


Isaac Weiss is a ‘consultant’ for one of the top defense law firms in Pennsylvania, Schoenfeld-Murray-Washington. He’s the spiritual leader of the so-called ‘Gang of Seven’, the seven most successful trial lawyers in the circuit, and is responsible for a number of cunning legal victories for the First Estate. Isaac has made it clear that his success comes from a relentless attack, applying constant pressure whether in trial or out on both prosecutor and judge, demanding clarifications, objecting freely, and refusing to grant anything in the slightest.

Due to his successes in the court and due to his being a childe of John Dennison, he was named a vice several years ago and is one of few effective First Estate powers who resides in Downtown. Despite being rather open about his location in an area rife with hunters, Isaac Weiss made an example of the first few hunter cells who attempted to kill him. It reflected his court strategy exactly; a constant, unmitigated attack, that chased hunters through the night and with proxies and blood thralls, into the day. Now even the bravest hunters know to be more cautious dealing with Isaac Weiss.

Isaac recently returned from torpor, and is allegedly rather unhappy about the current state of the city.

Weiss, Isaac

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