Vampire. First Estate.


Wiegraf is a large white man appearing in his early 30s. Usually dressed in a dark suit in navy blue or crimson red, he has short cut blonde hair and has the appearance of muscle under his suit.


Wiegraf is the direct subordinate of Archer Ambrose, and appears to be in charge of directing his visitors and running information to and from him.

He can be found at Electricity every night, responsible for enforcing the rules when Ambrose has other business.

Role – “Wiegraf is… Wiegraf is completely irrelevant and is of no help to me. I could literally get a fledgling to do his job, and I might groom my childe to do so provided I can find some other vice to pawn him off on.” (Archer Ambrose)

Background – “Wiegraf is one of Isaac Weiss’s childer, at least a decade. I don’t know what about him attracted Weiss, I’ve never heard him say one thing I would classify as interesting… he’s talentless, he’s not even his usual physical type. But regardless, I can’t demote him or move him to any role less than a direct assistant to a vice because we wouldn’t want to upset Isaac Weiss.” (Archer Ambrose)


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