Werewolf. Silk Worm Pack alpha.


Winnow appears as a 40 year old man with light brown skin and indeterminate race. He has fading brown hair the color of dirty water, brown eyes closer to tree bark, a wide set mouth and wears a frayed wool coat and faded jeans.


Winnow has been the alpha for the Silk Worm pack for a decade, inheriting it (and its territory) from the previous alpha on her death. He was known to be patient and prudent in his actions, with little concern for the problems or movements of the herd. He was supremely dedicated to the banishment or destruction of spirits, and held the Park as his personal territory. Unfortunately, the Park was known in the city for being dangerous, filled with criminals and drug addicts, and was avoided by most regular folk in the city. Perhaps Winnow preferred it this way.

However, two years ago, Winnow and the Silk Worm were set upon by the Conservancy, a hunter cell both organized and ferocious in their attack. Many of the pack died violently, by fire, silver and machines, though Winnow survived. Winnow brought his pack to the outskirts of town, near Suburbia, and hid in the woods to lick their wounds. There, they splintered, going their separate ways and leaving Winnow haunted by the attack.

The Herd – “I don’t approve of these kind of liaisons in general. I find it difficult to believe there are so many wolf-blooded humans out there, and the other spirit-ridden creatures of the night are not to be trusted or dealt with for very long at all. If I was not in this position, I’d almost prefer to have no contact whatsoever… but I cannot do anything to fix this myself.”


Winnow has a history of ignoring social interactions with humans and other supernatural creatures. He believes such relationships to be aberrant for both parties involved, and attempts to avoid them if possible. Vampires and sin-eaters appear as spirit-ridden to him, and mages especially are regarded as dangerous for their abilities to bend the layer between reality and the shadow.


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