Woo, Matt

Sleepwalker. Mysterium.


Matt Woo is a Chinese American man in his late 20s. He wears dark blazers and dress pants, sometimes with a pair of shades. His hair is shaggy and combed forward into bangs.


Matt Woo is a sleepwalker assistant to the mages in the Mysterium, though until about 3 years back, he was a fully Awakened mage. In his duties to acquire the gun known as ‘the Sleeper’ for the Mysterium, he was shot and cut off from the Supernal realm. Though he still remains capable of perceiving magic without causing Paradox, and he remains the basic mental and mnemonic tricks of activating his rotes, Matt has lost his ability to cast. He likens it to being in a waking coma.

Matt is a loyal Mysterium scholar, recently focusing himself on learning technological and mechanical skills to achieve what he used to be able to do with a wave of his hand.

March 29th – The group gave Matt and the Mysterium the Sleeper pistol, protecting them from its use and, as Matt hopes, allowing them to find a way to reverse its effects.

Woo, Matt

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