Yepidhikov, Vitaly

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Vitaly Yepidhikov is a Russian man in his late 40s, overweight and dressed in sport suits or windbreakers. His brown hair is thinning, and he wears garish gold accessories.


Vitaly Yepidhikov is a recent immigrant to Philadelphia, having left behind his life in the Eastern Bloc. He is a millionaire with investments in both Russian oil and real estate, and is slowly preparing to make investments in America. According to several unreleased US documents, he won profits from illegal gun running and uncomfirmed reports of protection rings, and had connections to other gangsters with human trafficking and arms deals with African warlords. Higher level documents exist but are not readily accessible.

Vitaly Yepidhikov is the father of young Conservancy member Petra Yepidhikov.

Documents – Yepidhikov’s crimes end at gun and explosives trafficking, most other allegations are inventions. He was relatively mid-level, made his first and second million in the trade. His third to eighteenth million, and immunity for his crimes, were a payment from the Russian government to roll on his superiors. After doing so, he made some small investments (which turned out almost by accident), and emigrated before a reprisal could find him.

Yepidhikov, Vitaly

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